Basic and applied research in the field of modern recombinant protein science and production (from gene to product)


BioToP will provide the unifying educational platform for an international PhD program that will attract highly qualified graduate students from all over the world. Students selected by a competitive and transparent admission procedure will have the opportunity to work in any of 14 research teams with excellent scientific competence and infrastructure as indicated by more than 420 SCI publications and 54 approved FWF projects within the period 2004-2009. Additionally, students will benefit from several existing national and European research networks and industrial competence centres coordinated by BOKU, e.g. Austrian Center for Biopharmaceutical Technology and three Christian Doppler Laboratories. Alltogether this will provide an excellent, creative and stimulating environment for research and educational training, and prepare PhD students for a successful career in basic and/or applied research.

Application deadline: 30/09/10

Information and application guidelines: