You will find attached the planning of sessions together with the program description. You may choose both the topic of your seminar, as well as the date which you would like to speak. We have attached a blank schedule with the possible days for the seminars for you to choose from. Each seminar takes place on a Thursday, beginning at 16:30.

Your audience will be an international, though mainly European group of students with at least three years of University education in one of the various Life Sciences domains (Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food Tech, Forestry, Environmental Sciences, etc.). The average number of students in the class is around 40-50.The maximum duration of the seminar is up to three hours, however the average session takes about 2 hours.

The approach should be rather general, as very deep research or specific approaches might be too difficult for the students. We will introduce you to the students at the beginning of the Seminar and then leave you as the only lecturer in the classroom. Accompanying teaching and non-teaching activities may be scheduled around the Thursday Seminar as for completion of your work program.

Participants are expected to obtain STA mobility grants from their home Institutions to cover their travel, accommodation and living expenses. Help in finding accommodation and a courtesy lunch will be provided by the Seminars' organization.

In order to apply for ERASMUS STA mobility funding, please contact DI Katrin Hasenhündl (katrin.hasenhuendl(at) ) Attachment 1 Attachment 2 Attachment 3