To ensure that the content on EURAXESS national portals is comprehensive, easily accessible and understandable, EURAXESS Croatia is organising a content quality assessment of all national EURAXESS portals. The content quality will be assessed by juries consisting of mobile researchers and mobility professionals; therefore, EURAXESS Croatia invites you to be a member of one of the juries! Each member of a jury will visit a few national portals, assisted by a scenario presenting a possible situation which the national portal should help to resolve and a simple checklist that will be provided. As a jury member you will spend approximately 20 minutes assessing one national portal (a generous timeframe from June to September 2012 will be given). If you would like to help, please fill in the short registration form available here  . For further clarifications, please contact Vesna Vabaja, (mailto:vesna.babaja(at), the person in charge for the content quality assessment.