The PRIME (Problems of Recognition In Making Erasmus) project was carried out by ESN in 2010/2011 and included a qualitative research study among over 500 Higher Education Institutions and almost 9000 students on the procedures applied to outgoing Erasmus and other international exchange students. The results of this study show that only 73% of Erasmus students receive full recognition for their study abroad periods. For further data, you can read the full version of the PRIME study here. What is the PRIME Student Guidebook?
Building on the results of this study, ESN edited a Student Guidebook, in English, which aims to guide both incoming and outgoing international students through the process of academic recognition step-by-step, before, during and after their exchange experience, explaining their rights and obligations, in order to get full academic recognition at the end of their mobility period. How to order?
The Student Guidebook is disseminated for free, only the shipping and handling fees are invoiced. The deadline to order is December 20th, 2012. The PRIME Student Guidebooks will be delivered during the month of January 2013. To order, please fill in the order form on the ESN website:  You will find all the information in the introduction of the form. You can access the PDF version of the PRIME Student Guidebook here: