Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM): 22 PhD Scholarship in the fields of Agriculture, Climate Change, Computational & Systems Biology, Environment, Food and Nutrition - First Stage Researcher (R1)


Talented and motivated candidates who have, or are expecting to obtain a Master or equivalent degree in a field relevant to the research undertaken within the CRI, are invited to submit their application on-line.

The on-line application is open from April 24 to May 24 (6 p.m. central European time). Short listed candidates will be interviewed from Mid June onwards.  Each project is developed as collaboration between the Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) and a partner institution. The main location will be FEM and at least one year of the PhD scholarship will be spent at the partner institute. The official working language is English.
About the Scholarship

The scholarship is funded from FEM. It includes a salary of 20.000 Euro per year (before taxes), which is provided for 3 years with the possibility to extend it for 1 more year, pending the approval of the Tutor Committee. Students will also benefit of reimbursement for travelling to the partner institution up to 10.000 € yearly.

Note that the FEM does not handle requests for registration as PhD student. FEM is a research Foundation and cannot issue the PhD degree. Therefore successful candidates will have to register as PhD student with the University partner of the project or with another University. Fellow students will have 1 year from when the scholarship starts to register as PhD students. If at the end of the first year the selected candidate is not yet registered as PhD student, the scholarship will stop.

The applicants must hold a Master’s degree or equivalent from a University in a field relevant to the project topic. It is also possible to apply when the Master’s degree will be obtained after the application deadline. The fellowship can start as early in Summer 2013.
To apply, please fill in the dedicated webform. During the application process you will be asked to include the following documents: i) Your CV; ii) a scanned copy of your valid ID Card (EU citizens) or Passport (non EU citizens).

Only applications accompanied by 2 letters of reference sent by the referees will be accepted. Please note that once you “submit” your application, the referees you have indicated will be automatically informed by email that you are applying to a FEM Fellowship and they will be asked to fill in the dedicated on-line referee form. Referee forms sent by the applicants will not be considered. Please inform your referees early enough to allow them to transmit the letter in time!

You will be informed by and automatic message when your referees submitted the requested letter of reference. Please contact your referee when not receiving this automatic message before your online application deadline. Referee form deadline submission: May 27, 2013 (10 am central European time). It will NOT be possible to submit reference letters after this deadline.
Assessment and selection procedure

Applicants will be assessed on the basis of their curriculum and of the letters of recommendation. Candidates selected for the interview should provide a scan copy of the transcript of the academic records, i.e. the inventory of the courses taken and grades earned throughout the university studies. Only short-listed candidates will be informed by Mid-June 2013 and will be invited for a personal/Skype interview. For general questions regarding the application please contact phd.fem(at)
More details and application online at