Please note that only papers with a focus on the issues of the Visegrad countries and cooperating regions in the area of sustainable development and bioeconomy and especially on the following topics can be published:
- Integrated Bioeconomy at global, European, regional and local levels
- Sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable agri-food production
 - Sustainability, traceability and food security in the supply chains
- Global sustainable development and its challenges
- Climate change mitigation, land degradation and biodiversity
- Green economy agenda and institutional framework
- Renewable resources of energy
- Rural, agricultural and forestry development
- Entrepreneurship, international trade and innovations
Deadline for submitting the papers is February 15, 2014. Papers are to be sent to the Managing Editor of the Journal, Prof.Dr.Ing. Elena Horska (Elena.Horska(at) )
For instructions for authors, please check: