Open to any company, French or not, of any size, SMBs, large companies and research institutes, the first part of the project will select about 100 projects.

In an effort to confront the major challenges of the world of 2030, the Commission identified seven goals based on pressing social concerns:
•    energy storage
•    recycling of metals
•    development of marine resources
•    plant proteins and plant chemistry
•    personalised medicine
•    the silver economy-innovation in the service of longevity
This is why the French government is launching a Worldwide Innovation Challenge. The goal is to foster talent and bring out future champions of the French economy. It will accomplish this by identifying and providing support for the growth of both French and foreign entrepreneurs whose innovation projects have significant implications for the French economy.

This Challenge will encourage the talents of today in order to create the collective wealth of tomorrow, whether these talents are in France or abroad. The French government thus hopes to attract the world's best talents, so they can complete their projects in France.

As part of the Invest for the Future Programme, and with support from the Public Investment Bank, the French government will allocate €300 million to co-finance innovative projects that comply with the seven goals defined by the Commission.With this Challenge, the French government is introducing a genuinely forward-looking policy resolutely committed to supporting creators, innovators and risk-takers.

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