There are four MSc programs offered in English in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of CULS Prague:
1. Landscape Planning (LPA)
2. Land and Water Management (LWM)
3. Nature Conservation (NCO)
4. Environmental Modeling (ENVA)

Refer to this link for a complete description of each program and course listing:

All degree programs are two-year Masters of Science programs.  All are rigorous and require students to conduct original research and write a thesis of their work under the direction and guidance of a faculty supervisor.  All programs have a strong foundation in Applied and Landscape Ecology, Land Use Planning, Natural Resource Management, Landscape Architecture, GIS, Hydrology, Soil and Erosion Control, and many natural sciences.  

 A full two-year scholarship that allows us to return the tuition to the student in the form of a summer-scholarship is offered.  Tuition is 400 Euro per year.  

Furthermore, a limited number of scholarships that would pay a monthly stipend of approximately $230 for the duration of a student’s two-year study program is available, assuming that the student maintain a strong grade-point average.

The cost for applying is approximately $28.  Applicants must write a letter of motivation as to why he/she would like study in Prague, provide a resume/CV, and academic transcript in addition to a letter of recommendation.  Application for these programs may be completed on-line.