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This newsletter includes the following topics:
-    Editorial: #SaveFulbright
-    The 40th Anniversary of the Austrian Association of American Studies
-    2013 Winners of the Fulbright Prize in American Studies
-    Sixth-Largest Fulbright Program Worldwide
-    US Fulbright Orientation
-    Ambassador Wesner‘s First Fulbright Reception
-    Touching Freud: Dr. Pamela Cooper-White‘s Vienna Blog
-    Studienmöglichkeiten in den Vereinigten Staaten 2013
-    Alumni News
-    Randy Sterling Hunter‘s Music Video Featured in “The 20 Best  Music Videos of 2013”
-    Chris Rainer Awarded Grand Prize for Emerging Filmmakers in Toronto
-    Jake Vidourek Selected as Alumni Ambassador
-    USTA Orientations
-    2nd Year Kickoff
-    USTA/Betreungslehrer Seminar
-    AAEC Program Participants