The BOKU University, Department of Crop Sciences, Division of Agronomy, and the APSIM Initiative in Australia are jointly organizing a training course on Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator (APSIM).

APSIM is internationally recognized as a highly advanced computer model for simulating a diverse range of farming systems including broadacre dryland and irrigated cropping, small-­‐holder farming, agroforestry, and  grazing systems. APSIM is capable of evaluating management options for adaptation to climate change and variability, exploring agronomic practices for improved crop production and environmental benefits, assessing alternative land-­‐use options, and modelling gene-­‐to-­‐phenotype to support crop improvement efforts.

The training workshop will be held at the BOKU site in Tulln (University Research Center Tulln, UFT), from  6 to 8 May. The course has been designed for both beginners and more advanced users who have developed simulations and require specific technical assistance. The course will be limited to a
Maximum of 16 participants. The training program and registration form can be downloaded from For further information please contact:
Dr. Ahmad M. Manschadi
Department of Crop Sciences
Division of Agronomy
Konrad-­‐Lorenzstr. 24, A-­‐3430 Tulln, Austria

Email:  manschadi(at) Phone: +43 (0) 1 47654-­‐3337