In the new APPEAR Newsletter (see full version on the website ), the following BOKU projects / scientists were promoted:

Rural Transformation Competences – Case Study Northern Ethiopia
 “Inter- and transdisciplinary research methods in rural transformation. Case studies in Northern Ethiopia” is a research methods review which was prepared by the TRANSACT team. You can download it on the appear website:

Agricultural Knowledge in East Africa
Listen to Florence Birungi Kayzee from Makerere University and Michael Hauser, project coordinator of WATERCAP and AGRINATURA Science Days organiser. Radio programme partly in English. Link to podcast

LERNEN AUS ERFAHRUNG – Reflections on Higher Education Cooperation
During a workshop in November 2013 Austrian appear project partners discussed about their experiences in higher education cooperation, intercultural communication challenges, the different project environments and they brainstormed on possible solutions for overcoming those challenges in the future. Two participants of the workshop were reporting about the pitfalls of practical development research, how to deal with it and to learn from experiences. Link to podcast (with Dr. Andreas Melcher):

TRANSACT Final Conference 2014 on 13 June in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
The TRANSACT conference ‘Sustaining transformation’ assembles experts and lecturers from the participating institutions and key stakeholders. The main objective of this conference is on first hand briefing policy makers along the presented outcomes. Furthermore the event aimed at encouraging participants to exchange ideas, to communicate and to discuss on rural transformation. More

SUSFISH Final Symposium 2014 on 15 - 16 July in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
The main objective of the symposium is to share results and support future cooperation between partner institutions. Its specific objectives are to present the project results among researchers (research and education), to share relevant information with decision makers and other stakeholders and to define further steps. More

On July 16 the appear programme presentation “From a new idea to successful partnerships” will round up the symposium. It will be followed by the panel discussion “Lessons learnt for future partnerships“ with contibutions by appear project partners. More

appear in practice_4
Aip_4 took place at the LAI on 1 April 2014. The fourth session was highlighting the field of Community Development and Urban/Rural Planning. Veronica Mora from the URBAN_MANAGUA project in Nicaragua and Yazid Anani, from the RURAL_DEV project in the Palestinian Territories presented the situation in their respective country. Event documentation

OeAD AlumniTalks & Welcome Event
Former scholars present and discuss their personal and professional experiences before and after their stay in Austria. In March 2014 Rhoda Birech from the appear project WATERCAP was invited to the OeAD AlumniTalks. Event documentation