FFG Carreer Grants offers fundings for:
- The journey of the applicant to Austria (80% of travel costs are funded)
- Relocation costs when the new employee moves to Austria to work for acib (up to EUR 2000)
- The professional integration of the partner if he/she accompanies the new employee (up to EUR 2000)

Please note:
* The applicants themselves have to submit the funding proposal (in case of professional integration of the partner, the partner have to submit the proposal)
* The submission of the proposal has to be BEFORE departing to Austria (for the interview) and BEFORE moving to Austria (for the relocation and professional integration of the partner)
* The applicants have to have a master degree or higher
* The duration of work at acib has to be at least 12 months

Please find more information here: https://www.ffg.at/career-grants