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The aim of this survey is to investigate critical factors that provide supportive insights for higher education institutions, NGOs and policy on how to scale and improve sustainability processes in the nexus of higher education institutions, society and policy.

The survey responses will be analysed and synthesised. The final report is to support higher education institutions’, policy’ and society’ decision-makers to develop and support appropriate mechanisms in order to foster sustainable development within their respective regional contexts.

 This study is to take stock of HESD initiatives, challenges and opportunities when the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development is coming to its end and the new UN Global Action Programme on ESD is about to be launched.

 Your answers from around the globe will allow taking stock and providing insights on specific opportunities and leveraging points enabling higher education institutions to contribute to sustainable development locally and globally. Purpose is as well to foster reflection and future action.

The outcomes will be presented on behalf of all the participants at the UNESCO World Conference on ESD to take place in Aichi Nagoya in November in Japan.

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire.  To access the Survey in one of the languages listed below, please click on the respective links:

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