Talented university and PhD students who intend to give lectures and/or to present posters in the fields of nature and environmental protection as well as rural development are invited to the conference.

  The objective of the conference is to provide opportunities for university and PhD students - as part of talent management during the course of their studies - to take part in professional programmes, exchange different ideas and develop national and international scientific relations.

  The official languages of the conference are Hungarian and English.

The application form for the conference (downloadable: http://rfszk.szolfportal.hu/26-27-september-2014-20th-anniversary-international-student-conference   ) should be returned by 15th of September 2014 to diakkonf2014(at)szolf.hu  and/or szaboattila(at)szolf.hu .

On the website, you also find information on the call for abstracts.

The participation on the 20th Anniversary International Student Conference is free. We provide food (lunch and dinner at 26th of September and lunch at 27th of September) for the participants and we send one issue of the ECONOMICA for those who give presentation. The organization of the conference is supported and financed from The Szolnok Collage winning entry of TÁMOP-4.1.1.C-12/1/KONV-2012-0016 .