This time round, the focus will be on the new EU programmes in education and research, and especially on Erasmus+. The seminar will try to identify and analyse the experience made with the start of these programmes. What worked, what did not and what needs to be improved are some of the guiding questions behind the programme. They will be answered by a multiplicity of experts, from the European Commission, national agencies and, most important, university representatives.

Once again, the event features knowledgeable experts from the European Commission, such as Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Claire Morel, Bodo Richter and Georgi Dimitrov. Karin Christen will present Switzerland's 'shadow Erasmus+'. Representatives from Erasmus+ national agencies will share with you their experience with the first programme year.

To round things off, the seminar includes a speech by former Secretary General of DAAD, Christian Bode, on the recent report of a 'high-level group' of wise women and men on the modernisation of European higher education, and of Uwe Brandenburg , who will present a recent study on the impact of the Erasmus Programme.

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