CULS Prague is actively recruiting international students who would enjoy coming to Prague and studying in one of the five English language Masters of Science or Ph.D. degree programs offered by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

It is one of the leading Faculties dealing with environmental protection in the EU. The Faculty is located in Prague in the heart of Central Europe. CULS is a member of the Euro League for Life Sciences Schools consortium (ELLS), a network of leading universities cooperating in the fields of natural resources management, agricultural and forestry sciences, veterinary sciences, food sciences, and environmental sciences.

Our graduates have very good job prospects in various institutions specializing in environmental conservation, landscape planning, water resources management, and other fields of employment offering further professional growth.

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences currently has approximately 160 international students enrolled in two-year Masters Degree programs. These students come from North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the greater EU, China, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Typically these students have undergraduate degrees in Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences including Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Policy, Agricultural Sciences, Ecology, Forestry, Soil Science, GIS, etc. The Faculty has approximately 3,500 graduate, undergraduate and Ph.D. students; there are approximately 100 professors housed in a new building. Czech University of Life Sciences has a student body of approximately 23,000 national and international students. The University has a history of more than 100 years and the current campus was established in the early 1960s.

As mentioned, there are now five Masters programs offered in English in the Faculty (College) of Environmental Sciences. These are:

1. Landscape Planning (LPA)

2. Land and Water Management (LWM)

3. Nature Conservation (NCO)

4. Environmental Modeling (ENVA)

5. Environmental Geosciences (EGS)

Please refer to the Faculty website for a complete description of each program.

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All degrees are rigorous and require students to conduct original research and write a thesis of their work under the direction and guidance of a faculty supervisor. All programs have a strong foundation in Applied and Landscape Ecology, Land Use Planning, Natural Resource Management, Landscape Architecture, GIS, Hydrology, Soil and Erosion Control, and many natural sciences. CULS uses the landscape of central Europe as the “canvas” upon which classes are taught and research conducted.

Some students have chosen to continue their research and pursue a Ph.D. in Applied and Landscape Ecology, or one of the other three PhD. programs offered. All degrees are fully accredited and applicable for practice in North, Central, and South America and other world nations, and are required for professional practice within the European Union.

Tuition is approximately 200 Euro per year. This low fee is made possible by high subsidies from the Czech government, which is a significant advantage for students from North America and other countries where they would typically incur significant debt for graduate studies. CULS also has a limited number of scholarships that would pay a monthly stipend of approximately $230 USD for the duration of a student’s two-year study program, assuming that the student maintain a strong grade-point average.

The cost for applying is approximately $28 USD. Applicants must write a letter of motivation as to why he/she would like study here in Prague, provide a resume/CV, and academic transcript in addition to a letter of recommendation. Application for these programs may be completed on-line.