The main objective of this International Seminar is to exchange ideas about the advances of environmental chemistry and the applications of chemical engineering in all areas where pollutants generated by humankind are creating an impact in the biosphere (air, soil, water, and living organisms).

The seminar is directed towards professionals interested in solving these problems, towards researchers and academic staff in governmental, higher education, and the productive sector,  as well as the technical responsible people of these activities in the productive sector, who will have the opportunity to interact with their colleagues and to strengthen academic and professional links.

Contributions for the panel sessions and posters should be sent to the Organizing Committee before Friday June 26, 2015. They should be sent attached to e-mails in format Word for Windows. It should be presented in no more than six pages, with fonts size 12 Times New Roman type. Recommended format is the one suggested by Elsevier Pub. Inc. “Instruction for Authors”. As the official languages of the Seminar will be Spanish and English, authors are required to send their contributions in these languages, preferably with a previous style review for the non English speaking participants and viceversa.

Authors will be notified on Friday August 7, 2015, either by e-mail, if their contributions were accepted.

Posters are to be held in 1.00 by 1.00 m spaces. This accepted version will be published in an Electronic book of Proceedings (with ISSN) upon receiving the payment slip.

$200 USDlls for professional staff from non educational or research entities, $100 USDlls for professors, academic staff, and personnel pertaining to research centers or governmental offices, and $25.00 USDlls for students.

For more information and/or contact:
Mrs. Landy Ramírez, M.I.A., Mrs. Margarita Velázquez