The ICA Network for Innovation in Higher Education in the Life Sciences (ICA-Edu) is holding a Colloquium to discuss "Educating Life Science Graduates Fit for Europe"  from 15 to 16 April 2015, in Vienna.  Please see the ICA Website for more information.

The colloquium will give you new ideas for developing innovative approaches in your teaching, and your students' learning opportunities – techniques and methods specifically used in the life sciences. The colloquium will not be a series of lectures, but comprise very short discussion openers, in depth exchange of experience and the development of new initiatives.

You are invited to exchange your experience and ideas for teaching the interdisciplinary life science topics (e.g. problem based learning, teaching in modules, team teaching, intercultural classroom, virtual training for fieldwork, internships....)

The Discussion will focus on specific challenges in preparing our life science graduates for careers in Europe and internationally:

(1) challenges of the intercultural classroom,

(2) tools for enhancing the learning experience,

(3) bridging education and practice,

(4) innovation in curriculum development and delivery

See the programme and the outline of the different sessions at the ICA website.

Please also encourage your colleagues to participate and register for the Colloquium.  Deadline for registration 6 April.  Register online here NOW .