QS Subject Focus Summit – Civil Engineering „Rethinking Civil Engineering's Professional Orientation: Change and Diversity in Career Pathways“, June 8–10, Nanyang Executive Center (NEC), NTU, Singapore

Civil engineering graduates pursue diverse careers, both inside and outside of the traditional boundaries of the discipline. The analytic, managerial and problem-solving skills gained while pursuing a civil engineering qualification are valued by employers in a wide range of sectors. Civil engineers master a range of disciplines, from environmental science to design to project management and are trained in cross-disciplinary thinking and team work. This broad knowledge base and skills-set opens up a range of career options, which is one of the field's strengths. So why then is civil engineering struggling with a perception that it is a narrow, specialist field?

QS Asia and Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore), College of Engineering are joining together to host the first ever QS Subject Focus Summit – Civil Engineering in Singapore to celebrate the achievements of civil engineering education worldwide and to provide a global forum to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

In track 2 of the Summit, “Trends in Civil Engineering Education: Professional Orientation”, speakers will challenge the perception that civil engineering is a narrow field, and discuss how civil engineering and related departments can broaden their appeal to talented students who may not immediately be drawn to the “traditional” image of civil engineering. Speakers from academia and industry will address how civil engineering can redefine itself as a core science and technology discipline to compete more effectively in today's dynamic higher education landscape.
Event Details
Dates: June 8–10, 2015
Venue: Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC), NTU, Singapore
Theme: Engineering World-Class Research, Education and Academic Management
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