Please note that  only the papers (8 pages max.) with the focus on the issues of the Visegrad countries and cooperating regions in the area of sustainable development and bioeconomy and especially on the  following topics can be published:
 - Integrated Bioeconomy at global, European, regional and local levels
- Sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable agri-food production
- Sustainability, traceability and food security in the supply chains
- Global sustainable development and its challenges
- Climate change mitigation, land degradation and biodiversity
- Green economy agenda and institutional framework
- Renewable resources of energy
- Rural, agricultural and forestry development
- Entrepreneurship, international trade and innovations
Deadline for submitting the papers is August 31, 2015. Papers are to be sent to the Managing Editor of the Journal, Prof.Dr.Ing. Elena Horska (Elena.Horska(at)
Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development is constantly trying to increase its quality and visibility and the registration of the journal in international databases (currently the registration procedure in COPERNICUS database is in progress). Series of meetings and discussions with experts have been initiated in order to support the journal and promote it internationally. As a result of the consultations it was recommended to grow number of submissions by inviting by e-mail researchers working in the same field,  activating editors to search submissions, organizing special (focused) issues. In order to increase the quality, it was also recommended to reject more submissions and invite high-class specialists in the field as authors and members of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board as well as  solicit for review articles and short communications reflecting the hottest and the latest results in the field. Also very importantly, in a bit to grow journal visibility and citations it is suitable to promote best article: inform scientists working in the same or similar fields, look for reviewers as broadly as possible, reach for world experts in the field, none geographical constraint should apply,  inform cited authors that they have been cited by our articles, inform authors about each article  using similar keywords.