Aquitaine Region fellowship - Postdoctoral Research Position in Organic Synthesis at Université de Bordeaux, Institut des Sciences Moléculaires

Description: this postdoctoral position in organic synthesis, funded by the Council of the Aquitaine
Region, is opened for a 12-month period, starting in January 2016, in the laboratory of Prof. S.
Quideau at the University of Bordeaux (ISM, CNRS-UMR 5255). The project will concern the
chemistry of hypervalent iodine (iodane)-mediated asymmetric transformations [1-3] and will be
specifically aimed at developing new methodologies for the stereocontrolled formation of allcarbon
quaternary centers. The postdoctoral fellow will work in tandem with a doctoral student with
whom he will be in charge of the synthesis of novel chiral iodine and iodane compounds for their
catalytic and/or stoichiometric utilization in carbon–carbon bond-forming reactions. The
postdoctoral fellow will then apply these methodologies within the framework of the synthesis of
complex natural products.

Key words: asymmetric synthesis, hypervalent iodine, green “metal-free” reactions, total synthesis.

Application: candidates must hold a doctoral degree in organic chemistry, should have a strong
background in asymmetric synthesis, know how to perform multi-step reaction sequences (an
experience in natural product synthesis will be appreciated), have the ability to work as part of a
team and possess excellent written and oral communication skills.

A detailed curriculum vitae, and 2 letters of recommendation should be sent before December 1st,
2015 to:
Prof. Stéphane Quideau  05 40 00 30 10
Dr. Philippe Peixoto  05 40 00 63 94

[1] Bosset, C.; Coffinier, R.; Peixoto, P. A.; El Assal, M.; Miqueu, K.; Sotiropoulos, J.-M.; Pouységu, L.; Quideau, S.
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[2] Quideau, S.; Lyvinec, G.; Marguerit, M.; Bathany, K.; Ozanne-Beaudenon, A.; Buffeteau, T.; Cavagnat, D.;
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Iodoarenes and m-CPBA. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 4605-4609.
[3] Pouységu, L.; Deffieux, D.; Quideau, S. Hypervalent Iodine-Mediated Phenol Dearomatization in Natural Products
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