BOKU is member of EPSO, but there is also the option that BOKU employees join EPSO as an individual member; registering for free as EPSO Personal member to access the briefings, the full Newsletter, database on the Members’ only website.

In order to improve the impact and visibility of plant science in Europe, EPSO looks forward to work with its members this year especially through

  • Giving input towards the Horizon 2020 strategy and content for Work Programmes 2018-20 and providing our members the updated Briefing and partner search network, and advancing the proposal for an Integrated Crop Production contractual Public-Private Partnership
  • Providing advice to the EC on Agricultural Technologies – based on the EPSO Updated Statement: Crop Genetic Improvement Technologies , published 18.12.2015
  • Promoting your institution and attracting talented people via the EPSO Newsletter and website
  • Involving more the next generation plant scientists by doubling the number of supporting scientists
  • Implementing our Technology Platform’s “Plants for the Future” Action Plans for Research, Innovation and Education and developing national Plants Technology Platforms to collaborate with industry, farmers and policy makers.
  • Continuing jointly with Jasenko Selimovic (Swedish Mem,ber of the European Parliament) the EP – Plant ETP Series of workshops on societal challenges and how plant breeding can help address these
  • Facilitating international cooperation  with developing countries and via the Global Plant Council

To enable active participation for you and your colleagues you find hereafter confirmed upcoming meetings and confirmed working groups with the respective leaders:


  • ISE WS on scientific advice, Heidelberg, 19-20.1.2016 [KM]
  • DG AGRI CF strategy future ag R&I, BRU, 26-28.1.2016 [KM, reps]
  • Evaluation meeting BioSc JUL/COL/DUS/AAC, Julich/DE, 3-4.3.2016 [reps DE region, KM]
  • ISE GA, Cologne / DE, 9.3.2016  [KM]
  • EPSO Board Meeting, BRU, 17.3.2016 [Board, KM]
  • ISE WG Meeting H2020 / FP9, BRU, 7.4.2016 [KM, TB]
  • 2nd Workshop on sustainable growth, EP, BRU, likely 24.5.2016 [US, JPB, CM/CT, KM]
  • EPSO WG AgTech meeting, Barcelona, 31.5.2016 [WoGr, reps, KM]
  • NorPlantBio, Trondheim, NO, 15-17.6.2016 [KM, OAR, TT, NO plant sc.]
  • J Schiemann farewell symposium, Quedlinburg / DE, 21.-23.6.2016  [JS, KM, many]
  • EPSO General Meeting, Prague, 25-26.6.2016  [representatives]
  • FESPB-EPSO Conference Prague, 27-30.6.2016 [many]
  • ISE event @ ESOF, Manchester, 24-27.7.2016 [JPB, TB, KM]
  • 2nd BIO Conference Poland soc., Wroslaw, 13-16.9.16 [PL members, KM]
  • GPC AGM, Brisbane / AUS, 1-2. or 8-9.10.16 [RF, KM]

EPSO Working groups: