We are planning to start 8th of July at about 2 p.m. with short  introductions of the universities. The objective for this afternoon is to learn more from each other afternoon and to improve Erasmus mobility conditions.
 At the evening we like to invite you to a dinner and a get-together.

 The conference 9th of July will consist of presentations (20 min) of each of the universities about their study courses, how the value chain management is taught, problems and chances to develop teaching of value chain management. Besides the presentations there will be time for discussions. Departure time is at about 5 pm

 Summer School
 After the conference we will have a summer school with the topic Dairy value chain management. Colleagues from all bachelor courses will be involved and present topics starting from frame conditions, milk production, trade, processing up to nutrition as-pects. The presentations will be supplemented by excursions to farms, a dairy, extension services, milk laboratories etc. so that it is possible to get a good overview over the dairy sector in Germany.

 May 31st: registration of participants, including narrow topic of presentation, travel schedule and accomodation preferences.

 Please find attached the preliminary conference information leaflet