Main organizer: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Dept. of Water Resources FAFNR, Czech Republic, EU, (e-learning from 22nd May to 7th July, 2017).
Location: Ege University, Izmir, Turkey.

Co-operation: CULS Prague, Ege University, Izmir, UTAEM Menemen, UC -SCIENCE, BOKU Vienna and with support of ELLS members (UHOH, WUR, SLU, WULS)

Soil and water are the most important natural resources. The significant role plays the porous system of soils for storage of water and different water and solute transport processes in the World nature. It is complex, having many functions in the soil – water – plant – atmosphere relationship. For good understanding of common behaviors of this system, mainly the physical principles are important for the description and solutions of the processes in this natural system. Participants will learn main rules and environmental functions of soil and water relationship, the ways of determination of the hydro-physical properties like water content, soil water potential, hydraulic conductivity and other properties. The rural agricultural water management is more and more important in the situation of climate changes we all are facing on. These topics will be addressed in a series of e-learning and followed on site lectures, laboratory and field experiments, and of course excursions.

This traditional school of ELLS will start with e-learning using the internet video connection, followed by two weeks of on-site school in Izmir and surroundings, stay in the Ege University Campus in Bornova – Izmir, Turkey.

At the end the participants will get the certificate after successfully passing the written and oral exam.

  • Course contents
    Soil as a porous complex system in the Earth Core
    Principal physical processes within the soil – water – plant – atmosphere relationship
    Transport processes in the vadose zone and their environmental functions
    Physical processes for saving and protection of soil and water
    Importance of physical processes for the protection of soil and water
    Determination of soil water content, soil water potential, hydraulic conductivity and other soil hydro-physical properties
    Rural agriculture water management, environmental aspects of soil and water in landscape

Tutorials and practical trainings in the laboratory and field techniques

For further details, additional information, application, please see details

Credits:  8 ECTS

Language:  English

Please fill in the electronic application form and submit; the Soil Science web of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, EU.

Director of the school: Professor. Dr. Svat Matula

Deadline for application: May 19, 2017

During the e-learning all participants should have an access to the internet and have available notebook to get proper access to on-line video lectures, recommended study materials and literature for course preparation. There is no need of any special software from the side of participants. Adobe Connect software of the CULS will be used for the video communication.

Course format
Mix of e-learning lectures and instructions, on site lectures, laboratory and field experiments, and several excursions.

The course is aimed at PhD/ advanced MSc students of natural resources and environment, water and soil resources, agricultural water management and similar subjects

Social Programme
Welcome evening, several common lunches and dinners, sport activities on the beaches of the Aegean Sea.

Visit of Ephesus archeological site, Bergama archeological site,  Foca sea site, the Gediz River Delta.

On site education in the main Campus of Ege University, Izmir – Bornova, Turke.

The Guest House “ Konuk Evi” of Ege University, single rooms, airconditioned and breakfast included, located inside Bornova Campus of Ege University, 3 minutes from Metro station Evka 3, Izmir, Turkey.

No tuition fee!!  Sum of registration fee is 60 EUR (equivalent in TRY for Turkish students to get rid of bank money transfer costs) for pre-payment (it covers the study materials, e-learning, contribution to the costs related to the excursions) transferred to the bank account (see here Contact for the bank transfer and also the Application form for the details). Room and breakfast is about 80 TRY / day (single bed room); 1EUR = about 3.3 TRY/ and not included in the fee. Costs of travel expenses and other food (lunch and dinner) are not included. Food is available very easily, many options: Mensa, or several restaurants close to Faculty building, snacks and coffees in the campus. Costs of lunch is usually from 2 to 4 EUR/each, depending what someone wants. A payment of fee of registration is binding.

Contact person for technical questions:
Assist. Prof. Dr. Marketa Mihalikova, CULS FAFNR, Department of Water Resources, Kamycka 129, 165 00 Prague 620 Suchdol, Czech Republic, EU, phone:  +420224382572, e-mail

Director of the SS: Professor Dr. Svat Matula, CULS FAFNR, Department of Water Resources, Kamycka 129, 165 00 Prague 620 Suchdol, Czech Republic, EU, phone:  +420224384636, e-mail

Contact for the financial transfer
Payment 60 EUR should be transferred to the bank account of Soil Science in KB bank /Czech Republic/:
IBAN: CZ91 0800 0010 4600 0632 5762
VARIABLE SYMBOL: 213806103 (used to identify the payment)

Please, put into the transfer documentation as a note your surname for the future recognition of payment! Thank you for understanding.The transfer should be done until May 30, 2017 (all participants) and please confirm your successful payment via e-mail to Dr. Mihalikova.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Local Turkish students should transfer equivalent of 60EUR (roughly about 200 TRY) in TRY to the SS 2017 account in the Turkish bank to eliminate high costs of international bank transfer from Turkey to the EU. The bank and account number for the local Turkish students:

Bank Name/Branch Code -Name: Akbank/0940-Ege Üniversitesi
Account Number: 0079059
IBAN: TR370004600940888000079059

You can also apply for a BOKU travel grant for ELLS Summer Schools