Many cities start looking for ways to feed themselves sustainably. To support this development and contribute to a sustainable future, Wageningen University and Research is organizing a Student Challenge to Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse.
Interdisciplinary student teams are challenged to bring professional food production (back) into urban neighborhoods and their local (smart) energy systems. Their design encourages citizens to actively engage with the sustainable production and consumption of healthy food products. Their business plan proves that their design is worth investing in. Entries will be assessed on
* contribution to the circular city
* energy
* citizen inclusion
* production system
* business model.

The Challenge is an exciting and competitive way for students to work on a real-life case and contribute to a sustainable future. They will enhance their technical understanding and bring theory into practice. Moreover, they will have to closely work together in interdisciplinary teams and show their entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills.

The Challenge is open to student teams from all around the world, and they may register between 1 and 31 October. The final event will take place in August 2018. Students who want to join but find it difficult to find other team members can join our LinkedIn Group.

A detailed description of the Challenge will be posted on the website: