The Consortium Erasmus Al Sud integrates five Portuguese higher education institutions located in the south of Portugal: the Universities of Algarve, Lisboa and Évora and the Polytechnic Institutes of Beja and Setúbal and is pleased to announce its 5th Staff Training Week.
From 4 to 8 of June 2018 the Staff Training Week is taking place at the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal Campus, and participants will have the possibility to attend seminars, workshops and training sessions, to networking and getting to know Setúbal’s region through the social programme.
The main mission of this Consortium is to strengthen the link between the Higher Education Institutions and Portuguese companies/organizations, promoting their visibility on a European scale, while promoting cross-border cooperation, and with the commitment to empower regional and local development of the geographic areas covered by the consortium institutions network.

The programme is mainly focused on issues related with the management of Consortia and the promotion of student’s employability. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire and share information, to look at different projects, to exchange experiences and practices under this field.

Application deadline: 15 April.

If you plan to attend the staff training and if you want to apply for ERASMUS+ staff mobility support, please check the website and contact Mag. Gudrun Reisinger for further information on ERASMUS+ Staff training funding.

Further information