Agrinatura members are requested to join a working group on Climate Smart Agriculture!  The immediate task of the working group is to develop a concept note that will be submitted to the European Commission’s Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO).  It is expected that the working group would interact virtually, but a face-to-face meeting could also be facilitated.

Agrinatura members have an extremely wide range of expertise on climate change issues.  During discussions with staff in DG DEVCO Agrinatura was asked about its capabilities in climate change research and development. Agrinatura has a partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), met recently with FAO representatives in Rome and discussed potential topics for further joint activities. Climate change was identified as a priority area for collaboration and it was agreed that Agrinatura would take the lead in developing the first draft of a concept note on Climate Smart Agriculture.  The plan is to submit this to DG DEVCO as soon as possible.

Agrinatura is in the process of establishing a working group from among Agrinatura members to develop the concept note and now has several nominees from organizations in the Agrinatura European Economic Interest Group (EEIG).  Agrinatura wants to provide an opportunity for non-EEIG Agrinatura members to be involved in the working group although the exact modalities of participation in a new project would have to be further discussed.

Here you will find information obtained from a non-systematic search of the websites of Agrinatura members.

It is by no means exhaustive but the examples are intended to illustrate the type of climate change work Agrinatura does.  Further information will be provided to working group members once it has been established.

If you are interested, please send details of your nominee as soon as possible to secretariat(at)