First international challenge on Autonomous greenhouses

The world population is growing and consumers are demanding fresher, healthy products, such as vegetables and fruits, which are sustainably produced. Greenhouse production is a very efficient way to produce fresh vegetables and fruits with a high content of vitamins and minerals on a small production area; ideal for production close to large cities! High production volumes can be reached in greenhouses, which are typically up to 10 times higher than in open field. At the same time, greenhouse production is much more water efficient compared to open field production.

Currently, significant advances are being made in automation, information technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Automated information and AI can help the grower to oversee all the information needed and to make better, complex decisions. Could AI be able to outperform the human controlled greenhouse production in the future?

Wageningen University & Research challenge computer scientists and horticultural experts to form multidisciplinary teams to both challenge themselves as well as the state of the art in human operated greenhouse production in order to make a large step toward the Autonomous Greenhouse.

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