ELLS Case Study Competition in Vienna Scenarios of Transition

Application deadline: April 30

Did you ever wonder:

  • how to ensure sustainable urban food supply?
  • who are the important actors to facilitate a change in urban food systems?
  • how a possible future of sustainable urban areas could look like?

Together with experts from several disciplines - organic agriculture, landscape architecture, systems thinking and many more - you will go beyond the motivation and interests of involved stakeholders to get a holistic understanding of this years' case. From there you take your knowledge and experiences and start creating scenarios for its future development.

If you want to work...

...on a real world case and reinvent a case of urban food production...

...in an intercultural and transdisciplinary team...    

...in a motivated and complex environment...

...than SIGN UP!

You will present your scenarios in November at the Wageningen University in Netherlands. You can win with your case a prize of 1000€.

When and where?

E-learning:  May 2018
Field work:  Sep 27th - Aug 2nd - Vienna, Austria (BOKU)
Presentation:  Nov 8th - 10th - Wageningen, Netherlands (WUR)


Send an email to csc-2018@boku.ac.at together with a short motivation letter (max. 1 page). Application deadline is the April 30th!

Further information