Erasmus+ Teaching: Guest lecturers wanted

for International Seminars in Life Sciences – autumn session 2018

Three available sessions left for the autumn session at the Universidad Politècnica de Valencia. The seminar (topic to be chosen by you) will be scheduled for a Thursday afternoon, starting at 16:30. The audience will be quite international, mainly European students with at least three years of University education in one of the various Life Sciences domains (Agriculture, Biotechnology, Food Tech, Forestry, Environmental Sciences, etc.).

The average number of students in the class is around 50. Participants from EU countries are expected to obtain Erasmus+ mobility grants from their home Institutions to cover their travel, accommodation and living expenses. Help in finding accommodation and a courtesy coffee will be provided by the Seminars' organisation.

If you plan to attend the teaching staff week or to organize a teaching mobility and if you want to apply for ERASMUS+ teaching staff mobility support, please check the website and contact Mag. Gudrun Reisinger for further information on ERASMUS+ Teaching Staff training funding.

Programme draft
Autumn session 2018