Td Summer School on transdisciplinary research

at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany – application deadline: June 23

The Td summer school offers a 5-day intensive training (Td Training Module) on transdisciplinary research that will prepare researchers and practitioners for transformative research on societal challenges at the science | society interface in September 2018. Participants will gain input on theoretical and methodological foundations as well as experience in designing and implementing transdisciplinary research processes. This year a particular focus is on interculturality to foster exchange between researchers and practitioners from different world regions and to mutually learn from different transdisciplinary research traditions.

15 scholarships for participants from the global south:

To foster intercultural exchange and explore the potential of transdisciplinary research in different cultural contexts and world regions, 15 scholarships are offered for participants with low economic
resources from the global south. Scholarships include participation fee, accommodation and contributions to travel costs (up to 750 Euros). Researcher, post-graduate students with research experiences and practitioners (e.g. civil society organizations; administrative bodies; or SMEs) from the Global South can apply for this scholarship. Particularly people from Africa, Asia and Latin America are encouraged to apply.

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