Wanted! Agroecology experts for workshop

Conference Sponsorship Programme - CRP, OECD

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/University of Chile, plans to apply for the Conference Sponsorship Programme from the Cooperative Research Programme (CRP), OECD and would like to organize a Workshop on "Challenges for agroecology development for the building of sustainable agri-food systems" in Santiago, Chile, in October-November 2019. The idea is to invite experts from OECD countries that can contribute with their agroecology knowledge considering scientific, societal and policy-formation aspects. In that context, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/University of Chile is searching for people from universities that have research or graduate programs in Agroecology.

A draft about the workshop can be found here!

In case you are interested, please contact Claudia Rojas Pinochet from the International Collaboration Networks/Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/University of Chile.

Further information about the conference sponsorship programme from CRP, OECED