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International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food & Agriculture

International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food & Agriculture
FAO and the Government of Switzerland are calling on individuals, private companies or institutions to submit a nomination for one of the following categories before 28 February 2019:

  • Award for Digitalization and Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems (USD 40,000) - Innovations that impact more than one level of supply chain and strengthen the link between farmers and consumers
  • Award for Innovations that empower Youth in Agriculture and Food Systems (USD 20,000) - Innovations that empower youth (under 35) in agriculture and food systems

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Sustainable Lifestyles and Education (SLE) Programme – One Planet network Trust Fund call for project proposals

The One Planet SLE Programme, with the support of the Government of Japan, has launched a call for proposals with the theme “Delivering on sustainable low-carbon lifestyles - Mainstreaming Low-Carbon Sustainable Lifestyles through innovative initiatives or upscaling of successful high-impact initiatives. Project proposals are invited in four types:

  • Micro scale: proposals for projects aimed at developing ideas that are still at infant stage; with project budgets under 50,000US dollar (deadline: 27 December 2018)
  • Small-scale: proposals for projects to build partnerships with budgets between 100,000 and 200,000 US dollars (deadline: 10 January 2019)
  • Medium scale grant (a): proposals for projects that will render high impact and with budgets up to 500,000 US dollars (deadline: 10 January 2019)
  • Medium scale grant (b): proposals for implementation of activities contributing to the shift to Sustainable Lifestyles from Regional Roadmaps for Sustainable Consumption and Production with budgets up to 300,000 US dollars (deadline: 10 January 2019)

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Upcoming FACCE-JPI and FACCE SURPLUS call for joint research projects

FACCE-JPI and FACCE SURPLUS pre-announce their upcoming call for joint research projects. The indicative available budget amounts to 6M€. The call is expected to open on 09.01.2019 with a closing date for pre-proposals on 19.03.2019. This call for proposals aims to improve collaboration and cooperation across the European Research Area in the area of sustainable intensification of food and non-food biomass production and transformation systems, including biorefinery concepts.

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