Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobilities

Combined teaching & training mobilities possible

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme academic university staff has the opportunity to visit BOKU’s Erasmus+ partner universities in order to teach there (holding lectures, laboratory courses, exams, etc.). You can choose the partner university where you would like to teach. Teaching activities are possible at BOKU’s partner universities in all 28 EU countries + Norway, Iceland, Turkey, North Macedonia, Liechtenstein, (Serbia).


  • Teaching Mobility: mind. 2 days & 8 teaching hours per week/stay
  • Combined Teaching & Training Mobility: min. 2 days & 4 teaching hours per week/stay

Please ask at the Center for International Relations for specific contact persons at partner universities and for the partner status (current Erasmus+ Bilateral Agreement required!) of the university of your interest.

If you plan to attend a staff training week and if you want to apply for ERASMUS+ staff mobility support, please check the website and contact Mag. Gudrun Reisinger for further information on ERASMUS+ Staff training funding.