Reminder: CASEE Summer School

from July 1-14 in Prague, Czech Republic

Topic of this year’s CASEE summer school (3 ECTS credits): Landscape change in the modern age: from 19th century towards today’s landscape.

Students and teachers from BOKU with background in the following areas are invited to participate actively in the CASEE Summer school 2019.

Topics of special interest:

  • changes in agricultural practises
  • water in landscape – amelioration, straightening of rivers and streams
  • intensive coal and ore mining, recultivation, deforestation, reforestation
  • new modes of transport and their impact on landscape
  • landscape memory loss (key elements, patterns...)
  • urbanisation, forced depopulation, return of the wilderness
  • loss of settlements, establishment of modern towns and cities
  • change of scenery and visual qualities
  • renewables and modern production of energy

BOKU-Teachers: In case you are interested to join the summer school in the context of a teaching activity, please contact the CASEE Secretariat. If you want to apply for ERASMUS+ staff mobility support, please check the website and contact Mag. Gudrun Reisinger for further information on ERASMUS+ Staff training funding.

BOKU-students: In case you would  like to apply please contact Gudrun Reisinger from the Center for International Relations for further information and scholarship opportunities until March 20, 2019.

Further information