August 18-31, hosted by Universitas Indonesia

“Asea Uninet Students Week” is an academic mobility program, designed to facilitate graduate students from Asea-Uninet universities’ member to participate in a short program with a duration of 2 weeks and earned 3 credits (with 44 contact hours) upon completion.

This year marks the 2nd year of Asea-Uninet Students Week. This program is specifically designed so that the participants not only benefit academically through in-class lectures (with multidisciplinary field of study approach) but also get the opportunity to have an internship or field study and given the exposure of Indonesia culture through the cultural engagement included in the program.

"Sustainable Development", chosen as the theme of this year program, along with Asea Uninet main goal, aims to encourage participants to have broadened intellectual and awareness on the importance of sustainability which has been a global issue and challenges faced by modern society.

The program will be conducted in 18-31 August 2019.

In case you would like to apply for the Asea Uninet Students Week, please contact Prof. Dietmar Haltrich until July 15, 2019, at latest.

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