The European Commission has informed National Erasmus Agencies that mobility from and to the United Kingdom that have begun before the United Kingdom leaves the EU on 31 October 2019 can continue. This applies both to students that have travelled to the UK as well as to UK students in other countries.

The context for the note is the legislation adopted earlier this year, which states that Erasmus mobility can continue even if the UK is no longer an EU or a Programme Country and that UK students could continue to be mobile if the UK would pay its contribution to the EU budget for 2019. These preconditions have been met, so students will not have to interrupt their mobility period if they have begun it before the Brexit date.
There is similar legislation that makes it possible for the UK to participate in other EU programmes if the UK continues to pay to the EU budget in 2019, following the commitments that the UK has already made.

As a member state, the UK has agreed to the Multiannual Financial Framework for the period 2014-2020. The commitments made for this framework would continue to apply for the UK also after Brexit, and if the UK honours these commitments, it would be possible for UK institutions to continue to participate in EU programmes. The UK would also have to accept audits and controls of those that receive funding. However, at this stage there is no detailed guidance as to how this would work in practice. The EU legislation only provides for 2019, and it is not clear whether similar legislation for 2020 would be adopted in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

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