ACA Policy Seminar on Digitalisation for Internationalisation

on 22 November, in Brussels

In this intensive, yet interactive, one-day seminar, major policies (Bologna Digital 2020, Erasmus+ 2020) and digitalisation projects (OpenU, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, MicroHE, Erasmus Without Paper, MyAcademicID) that are related to the internationalisation of higher education in Europe will be on the agenda. Two workshops on digital administrative tools and digital teaching and learning tools to facilitate seamless mobility will provide an occasion for university users to provide direct feedback to the developers after the demos. Digitalisation promises, of course, also abundance of online data that are at the disposal of universities. A critical look into the use and misuse of such data for developing more responsive evidence-based strategies will be taken, using examples from DreamApply and ACA's experience in advising national bodies on data-driven internationalisation strategising.

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