737018 Transformations towards sustainability? Novel perspectives from Social Ecology (in Eng.)

Vorlesung und Seminar
Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
Winiwarter, Verena
Angeboten im Semester
Sommersemester 2021
Unterrichts-/ Lehrsprachen


This lecture series is offered by young scholars working at the Institute for Social Ecology in an attempt to bring their cutting-edge research into teaching. The lectures are designed to complement each other and the sequence was carefully planned to introduce concepts and build on them for more specific lectures. The series touches on several of the most pressing sustainability problems. The young scientists also will present solutions and discuss implementations. Overall, the novel perspectives from social ecology will give a broad overview and allow orientation by showing several areas of cutting-edge research.

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

A finished bachelor’s degree. This is a course on Master level. It might be helpful to have taken the introductory course on Social Ecology, but this is not required.


Students will acquire a better understanding of the complex relations between societies and their natural environments. Several approaches on how to analyze these relations will be introduced and discussed. Paths forging a transformation towards a sustainable society would be scrutinized.
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