731330 Growth, development, trade and environment (in Eng.)

Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
Wehrle, Sebastian
Angeboten im Semester
Sommersemester 2022
Unterrichts-/ Lehrsprachen


In the first half, this class presents an introduction to basic macroeconomic models of growth and discusses "sustainable growth" in the presence of essential, finite, and depletable natural resources.
The second half of the class will cover topics from the political economy of growth and potentially economic development, as decided in class.

Parts of the class are based on: Acemoglu (2009): Introduction to Modern Economic Growth
A reading list will be provided in class

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

Sound foundations in introductory micro- and macroeconomics; Ability to understand mathematical proofs


Upon successful completion of the course, students are able to explain fundamental determinants of economic growth, and the implications of resource-dependence for economic growth. Moreover, students understand the importance of institutions and are able to explain fundamental differences between macroeconomic models and models of the political economy.
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