810301 Structural exercises (in Eng.)

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Nolz, Reinhard
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Sommersemester 2023
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Course 810.301 “Structural Exercises“ (StE) is offered at the Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment and is generally related to a specialization in “Water Management and Engineering” (WME).
(For a specialization in “Mountain Risk Engineering” see course 870.305.)

StE are team and project work with engineering as well as design parts, including i.e. calculations, dimensioning, conceptual designs, and plans. (Note: StE are not meant to be a scientific work like a term paper or a master thesis.) It is recommended that students work together in groups of two (max. three) students.

Topics and working tasks are defined by one or two supervisor(s). StE can also be accomplished in an interdisciplinary way. In that case two supervisors from different working fields are involved, of which one leading supervisor coordinates the work in accordance with the other supervisor.

--- How to find a topic ---

Agree upon an individual topic according to the curriculum:
for WME you have to choose from "Sanitary Engineering", "Rural Water Management", "Hydrology and Water Management" or "Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Management";
for MRE you have to choose from "Mitigation Measures for Mountain Hazards", "Risk Management" or "Mountain Hazards Processes".

1. Please contact a supervisor (e.g., a lecturer from the subject areas listed above)
2. Please inform the coordinator (reinhard.nolz@boku.ac.at)

Note: You might use the forum at BOKUlearn to get in contact with other participants (registration at BOKUonline provides access to the course page at BOKUlearn)

For questions please contact the coordinator:
Reinhard Nolz (reinhard.nolz@boku.ac.at)

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

Preconditions for the attendance (i.e. completed courses) may be assigned by the supervisor(s).


Acquiring and collecting relevant data, and selecting and applying adequate methods in order to find solutions for given (interdisciplinary) project tasks;
Calculating, dimensioning, and designing of technical facilities;
Evaluating optional results
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