932404 Theory and principles of inter- and transdisciplinary research (in Eng.)

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Angeboten im Semester
Wintersemester 2022/23
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Interdisciplinarity is about cooperation between individual disciplines, transdisciplinarity about involving non-academic actors in knowledge production. Both approaches are referenced by various strategic documents of BOKU as key research principles. This course presents the theoretical background and discusses challenges of knowledge co-production in eight units:

1 introduction: case presentations
2 inter-, trans-, post-disciplinarity: terminology and history of supra-disciplinary research approaches
3 knowledge generation in transdisciplinary processes; social learning
4 implementation challenges in different social and cultural environments, power relationships in mixed research teams
5 the role of science in society
6 related concepts and paradigms
7 challenges and opportunities of inter- and transdisciplinarity in doctoral research
8 evaluation and quality criteria


Participants will be familiar with theoretical and methodological foundations of inter- and transdisciplinarity.

Participants will have learnt from experiences in designing and implementing transdisciplinary research processes.

Participants will be aware of the benefits and challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation.
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