814301 Meteorological conditions and precipitation (in Eng.)

Vorlesung und Seminar
Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
Angeboten im Semester
Wintersemester 2022/23
Unterrichts-/ Lehrsprachen


Meteorological elements (radiation, temperature, etc.), their measurement, units, influencing factors.
Introduction to atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics including the atmospheric boundary layer and the surface heat balance.
Precipitation: forms, measurement, formation, synoptic conditions, climatology, climate change, forecasting.

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

It is important that students know basic physics, especially mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetic radiation, and that they are able to work with scientific diagrammes. If necessary, rehearse before the course!


Understanding of the atmospheric processes with emphasis on
surface conditions and precipitation in mountainous areas. Knowledge of operational aspects such as measurements and forecasting. Understanding of precipitation and
its relationship to basic physics, weather systems and the climate system. Ability to obtain and work with precipitation data with proper consideration of error sources.
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