752345 Enzyme reactions: mechanisms and kinetics (in Eng.)

Vortragende/r (Mitwirkende/r)
Ludwig, Roland , Furtmüller, Paul Georg
Angeboten im Semester
Sommersemester 2024
Unterrichts-/ Lehrsprachen


"Enzyme reactions: mechanisms and kinetics" is an advanced lecture within the specialisation of “Protein engineering and technology”; in the master study Biotechnology (H418). This course is based on the knowledge and concepts provided in organic chemistry, biochemistry and enzymology courses. The lecture starts on Tuesday March, 12, 2024 at 14:00. Then participants will learn about chemical reaction mechanisms, followed by the basics of biochemical reactions (thermodynamics, ligand/substrate binding, kinetic models, steady-state and pre-steady-state kinetics) and measurement methods for enzymatic activity. In the main part of the lecture specific examples of reaction mechanisms and kinetic models of oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases, ligases and translocases will be discussed. Finally the enzyme structure and active site geometry of specific enzymes will be inspected and the contribution of individual amino acids, cofactors or coenzymes to the reaction will be evaluated. Based on this detailed knowledge enzymatic processes will be assessed to their strengths and weaknesses.

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

Knowledge of fundamental organic and biochemical reactions, protein and enzyme structure and basic kinetic concepts.


After the positive completion of this lecture students can:

1) Recall and explain enzymne classification, model enzymes discussed in the course, their reaction mechanisms (general acid, general base,...) and reaction kinetics (sequential, ping-pong,...)
2) Describe substrate recognition, enzymatic reactions, and kinetic models.
3) Identify critical mechanistic limitations of reactions and rate limiting steps
4) Can derive optimal reaction conditions.
5) Can select and design suitable enzymatic processes
6) Select positions for enzyme engineering
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