774015 Principles and applications of biobased materials (in Eng.)

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Beaumont, Marco , Rojas, Orlando
Angeboten im Semester
Wintersemester 2023/24
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This course is designed to provide an introductory understanding and appreciation of polymers and polymer-based composites from the Chemical and Biological Engineering perspective. The basics of polymer structure, physics and chemistry will be outlined. Furthermore, the structures and properties of these materials will be presented, and how we measure their properties will be discussed. The interrelationship between processing, structure, and properties will specifically be reinforced with respect to the requirements of typical polymer and polymer-based composite applications.

Unit 1 – Basic Definitions & Concepts / Molecular Weight Determination
Unit 2 – Polymer chemistry and solution rheology
Unit 3 – Solid state (amorphous and crystalline): Polymer characterization techniques (mechanical properties)
Unit 4 – Melt state: Understand polymer dynamics (rheological properties)
Unit 5 – Polymer processing via die forming (extrusion)
Unit 6 – Mixing (thermodynamics of polymer blends), injection molding and thermoforming
Unit 7 – Polymer processing and membranes
Unit 8 – Processing of polymer fibers
Unit 9 – Use and processing of adhesives
Unit 10 – Polymer recycling and sustainability


Where Are We Going?
By mastering the content of this course, students will be able to
•Develop a basic understanding and appreciation of polymers and polymer-based composites
•Analyze and evaluate polymers in both solid and melt state
•Speak the language of polymer materials
•Recognize the key variables, which determine and control the performance of polymers in significant applications such as packaging, and transportation.
•Understand the relationship between processing, structure and rheological properties
•Become familiar with the terminology, literature, and current research thrusts of the polymer community.
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