eLearning: Welcome lecture - BOKU at a glance online anytime
eLearning: Intercultural Competence online anytime
eLearning: Unconscious Bias online anytime
PE73S24 Introduction to searching for scientific literature online 23.02.2024
PE35S24 ERC Grants: all you need to know 26.02.2024
PE09S24 Use it or lose it: regular English breakfast input online  from 28.02.2024
D12_24S ChatGPT for university instructors online 28.02.2024
PE34S24 Get inspired: Creative Techniques for Scientists online 18.+19.03.2024
PE88S24 Writing retreat - Schreibklausur für Dissertationen online 02.-12.04.2024
PE24S24 Successfully on the way - confident as a woman in male domains online 04.04.2024
PE74S24 Citavi - Managing references, quotations, publications online 05.04.2024
D10_24S How to successfully prepare your teaching portfolio (*BZH) online 16.04.2024
PE14S24 Appointment training for prospective professors online 16.+17.04.2024
PE79S24 Researchers and teachers go international online 17.04.2024
PE15S24 Strategic Career Planning online  25.+26.04.2024
PE33S24 The Right Word: Wordsmithing for Scientists online 06.+07.5.2024
PE80S24 Doctoral students go international online 16.05.2024
PE89S24 Bring your English forward online from 27.05.2024
PE05S24 How to write a scientific paper in life science online  28.+29.05. & 11.+12.06.2024
PE23S24 Focus: How to work concentrated on what is important online 05.06.2024
PE86S24 BOKU BASE: Starting a company as a possible career path online 10.06.2024
PE25S24 Social media for researchers 12.06.2024
PE75S24 EndNote - Citation and Reference Management Made Easy online 14.06.2024
eLearning: Good Scientific Practice and Research Integrity online anytime