Nach mehreren COVID-bedingten Verschiebungen fand die 12. ISCTSC Konferenz im März 2022 in Praia de Porto Novo, Maceira, Portugal statt. Das Institut für Verkehrswesen war mit mehreren Beiträgen vertreten:


B14 - Activity Tracker and Data Collection Enrichment - Connecting Transport and Health
Chairs: Muhammad Ahsan Habib, Juliane Stark


Underreported trips, a non-negligible empirical effect of traditional survey methods – A new weighting procedure of data enriching to overcome this bias by Gerd Sammer, Christian Gruber, Gerald Röschel, Max Herry, Rupert Tomschy

Activities and Active Mobility of Children – at the Interface of Travel Behavior and Health Research by
Juliane Stark, Michael Skok, Cordula Müller, Michael Meschik

Uncovering Biometric Effects of Spatial and Transportation Elements on Travellers Using Biometric Data by Robin C. O. Palmberg, Yusak O. Susilo, Gyözö Gidófalvi, Fatemeh Naqauvi


Time Use during Activities and Trips – Potentials for Analyzing Future Travel and Activity Behavior
Martin Kagerbauer, Gabriel Wilkes, Sascha von Behren, Juliane Stark

Application of the Smartphone-based Mobility Collector in Developing Countries - comparison with a conventional activity diary survey by Sadayuki Yagi, Deo Nobel, Hirohisa Kawaguchi, Agustina Kimberly, and Yusak Susilo