Replication data for published articles

  • Findrik, EI; Morawetz, UB. "Who would pay more for a fragrance-free laundry detergent? How health  information affects valuation", Applied Economics, . Submitted version of manuscript and online appendixR-Code, Data and Online-Appendix.  
  • Ssebunya, BR;  Morawetz, UB; Schader, C; Stolze, M; Schmid, E (2019) "Group membership and certification effects on incomes of coffee farmers in Uganda", European Review of Agricultural Economics, . Replication data and online appendix.
  • Morawetz, UB; Koemle, DBA (2017) "Contingent Valuation of Measures against Urban Heat: Limitations of a Frequently Used Method", Journal of Urban Planning and Development. Replication Data.
  • Cagalj, M; Haas, R; Morawetz, UB (2016) "Effects of quality claims on willingness to pay for organic food. Evidence from Experimental Auctions in Croatia". British Food Journal. Replication code and data.
  • Morawetz, UB, Sinabell, F (2016): Assessment of Targeting in the Austrian Investment Support Measure for Agriculture. Schriften der Schriften der Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften des Landbaues e.V. (GEWISOLA), Issue 51, p. 367-378. Online Appendix.
  • Lampach, N; Morawetz,UB (2016): Credibility of propensity score matching estimates. An example from Fair Trade certification of coffee producers. Applied Economics, Vol 48(44), p.4227-4237.  Working Paper with Online AppendixData and Code
  • Zeyringer, M; Pachauri, S; schmid, E; Schmidt, J; Worrell, E; Morawetz, UB (2015): Analyzing grid extension and stand-alone photovoltaic systems for the cost-effective electrification of Kenya.  ENERGY SUSTAIN DEV. 2015; 25: 75-86. The data cannot be made available. But the R-code for the demand model is available.
  • Morawetz, UB; De Groote, H; Kimenju, SC (2011): Improving the Use of Experimental Auctions in Africa: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  36(2):263-279. Paper (.pdf file), Data (.zip file).
  • De Groote, H; Kimenju, SC; Morawetz, UB (2011): Estimating consumer willingness to pay for food quality with experimental auctions: the case of yellow versus fortified maize meal in Kenya. Agricultural Economics.  42(1): 1-16. Download: Paper (.pdf file), Data (.zip file).