Core Facilities

The wide-ranging research areas of BOKU demand a huge variety of instrumentation and (large) equipment that can be accessed in the most convenient and economically efficient way via the BOKU Core Facilities. BOKU developed strong expertise in different fields of research. We are convinced that centering this profound knowledge and providing it to academia as well as industry can perfectly support scientists on their way to ground-breaking findings and discoveries.

Core Facility BioIndustrial Pilot Plant

The BOKU Core Facility BioIndustrial Pilot Plant provides expertise in fermentation technology, downstream processing and related analytics of biomolecules in a multi-purpose GMP-like facility and offers education and training courses in this field.

Launching March/April 2021 – New instrument (CF BmCA)

Size-exclusion chromatography combined with light scattering (SEC-LS) – OMNISEC multi-detector GPC-SEC system


We support you with crystallizing your protein of interest and solving its structure by X-ray diffraction.


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