The HPTLC System from CAMAG consists of several devices, providing the possibility of highly standardized sample measurement with thin layer chromatography. Sample application, development, derivatization and visualization are almost completely automated and need only little interference by the user. Due to this automation, analytes in complex biological samples can be quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed.

Technical Information

HPTLC system. CAMAG. Obtained 2023

This system consists of the Automatic TLC Sampler 4 (ATS 4) for automatic band and point application of samples and standard solutions and the Automatic Developing Chamber 2 (ADC 2) for automatic chamber saturation, HPTLC plate activation, development and drying of the plate. Furthermore, derivatization of substances lacking a chromophore can be carried out with automated spray derivatization using the Derivatizer. For documentation of developed HPTLC plates a TLC Visualizer 2 is available. It allows visualization in UV and white light modes. For method development the Vario System is available and automated sampling of bands for additional MS-analysis is possible with the TLC-MS interface.